Waterloo Analytics has experience delivering end-to-end Big Data analytics solutions.

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Manufacturing process optimization with multi-sensor fusion
  • Computer Vision for manufacturing monitoring and defect detection
  • Integrated analytics and reporting

Building Information Models (BIM)

  • Scan to BIM technology development
  • Computer vision and AI technology development to automate the scan to BIM process.
  • Accurate As-built BIM Model from Point Cloud data
  • Actionable results: Enhanced insights for Facilities Management. Reduced architecture and construction cost.

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Advanced Edge Computer device and Tiny-ML add intelligence across the network.
  • Connecting and controlling large arrays of remote sensing devices. Providing predictive and explanatory models for collected data
  • Intelligent Transportation, real-time and offline traffic analysis using Internet-connected vehicles and video analytics
  • Actionable results: Enhanced insights and utilization of private and public infrastructure

Financial Analytics & Blockchain

  • Real-time and offline modelling of financial assets and economic data
  • Blockchain / Distributed ledger implementation and development
  • Blockchain consensus algorithms
  • Actionable results: Portfolio and asset class management, economic forecasting, budgeting and planning, asset trading (Futures, Stocks, Bonds, FX, Mutual Funds…)

Bioinformatics & Personalized Healthcare

  • Personalized medicine
  • Healthcare administrative predictive analytics for decision support to manage resources and optimize patient outcomes
  • Clinical data, Microarray and genomic data analysis for medical diagnostic decision support and personalized medicine
  • Prediction of healthcare outcomes and epidemiological results
  • Actionable results: Administrative decision support, patient decision support, personalized medicine, epidemiologic analysis of outcomes

Intelligent Networking & Network Analytics

  • Analysis of mobile and fixed network real-time and historical behavior
  • Digital video networking analytics; quality, bandwidth and routing optimization.
  • Actionable results: real-time network traffic optimization for mobile and fixed networks based on the quality of connection, congestion and other metrics. Decision support for network operator CAPEX and OPEX

Government Services

  • “Open Government” solutions for sharing data and data analytics in a secure and standards-based manner
  • Security analytics, data surveillance, communication data mining and threat analysis
  • Economic analysis, budgeting and predicted forecasts
  • Geographic analysis and impact of a policy decision, programs and government spending
  • Actionable results: Security threat analysis. Policy decision support. Predicted outcomes of policies such as transportation, healthcare and economic development